Filipino Cultural Center Foundation

The Filipino Cultural Center Foundation (FCCF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to foster, promote, and support Filipino cultural and community programs in the greater Kansas City area; and to establish and support a building fund for the Filipino Cultural Center, the "home" of our local Filipino community.


The FCCF continues to support the Filipino Association, consistent with its long-range priorities. The Foundation receives and administers funds from donors to the Filipino Cultural Center through various fundraising activities. Its primary goals are:

  • To plan, develop, and implement a capital fund campaign for the completion, maintenance, and support of the Filipino Cultural Center.
  • To establish a permanent exhibit area for cultural, educational, and scientific artifacts of historical and societal impact to the greater Kansas City community.
  • To promote, maintain, and support the cultural arts, education, and community service programs.
  • To reach out to the community at large for participation in educational, social, and health programs.


Since purchasing property in Overland Park, Kansas in 1978, the Filipino Association had been working steadfastly and patiently to build its dream – the Filipino Cultural Center – a building that would reflect its rich cultural heritage. However its fundraising efforts were slow, encumbered by the other general activities of the organization.

In 1992 a special committee determined that, in order to push – and sustain – building fundraising over the hump, the creation of a foundation was vital. The FCCF was born a year later – a smaller entity that could separate itself from the general "day-to-day" management and activities of the Association, and instead focus primarily on major fundraising and outreach. Not unlike the setup many universities and other large non-profits have, the Foundation shares its overall vision with the Association, but with an emphasis on the role that the Cultural Center plays in supporting cultural, educational, and service programs. Money raised by the FCCF goes not only to those programs, but also to a fund for maintaining and supporting the building. As a dedicated fundraising arm, the FCCF can tap into resources such as grants, corporate donors, and other philanthropic organizations.

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