Filipino Association's 50th Anniversary in Kansas City
by Dr. Lillian Pardo
January 2018

You are cordially invited to be part of a major milestone in the history of our Filipino Association here in our beloved Greater Kansas City area. We have survived this long and we have a lot to celebrate - many golden moments to reminisce, several characters and personalities that are woven into the tapestry of our lives and take pride in the fruits of our labor in raising funds, year after year to achieve our mission to persevere, preserve and promote our rich cultural heritage.

An ad hoc committee had been organized to ensure the year long celebration. Each month we hope to remind everyone how far we have come - from a fledgling group in 1968 who formally formed and incorporated this Association to what we have now become; from the little Philippine House to our very own Filipino Cultural Center built from the ground up; and for our many traditional and cultural activities that have made us part of the greater Kansas City community. We have indeed come a long ways in fifty years. We have a lot to celebrate.

As has been reported in the Strategic Planning on November 4, 2017 and as had been published in the Tambuli as part of that report, we have several venues to celebrate a facet of our cultural activities - such as continuing the popular Pinoy breakfasts with special programs or featured activities, including workshops that will include children’s reading program, parol-making, special guests that will share cultural stories and other suggestions can be entertained.

The traditional annual September Affair will be highlighted by recognition of our leaders, patrons and donors , a gala event not to miss. The Sinag-Tala Performing Arts Troupe, celebrating its 46th year will participate in many cultural programs as well as a major concert in November. An ambitious goal is to produce a special commemorative book, Golden Moments of the Filipino Association - to compile historical events, presidents , patrons, leaders, cultural activities and community outreach programs. We will be soliciting photos, stories and other mementos of the past fifty years and will be produced and printed in 2019.

There is much excitement with the leadership of our President Ernie Rosas, who chose this year specifically to be president. Let us be part of this celebration. Here is to fifty more, as the next generation of leaders in our midst will carry on our mission and vision as was conceived fifty years ago.