Recharge. Represent. Rejoice.
by Kevin Bautista
March 2016

Our Association is filled with a great mix of members with diverse backgrounds and experience. Fellowship is very important to the continuity of our organization. We are witnessing a steady rise in membership, welcoming new and old faces at our meetings and events. We see inspiring involvement from all generations at different levels, working together and exploring new thinking. Now, that springtime has arrived we recharge, ready for more to come.

It's only natural for us to engage with everyone we meet, whether it's with our officers, members, volunteers or someone who for the first time discovered us or moved to Kansas City from abroad. Whatever they learn from us, we learn far more from them. The examples we set are more powerful than those we set in words. We are all leaders and we've become role models for the community. Our values, our ideals must be carried with us every day. Wherever we are, whoever we are with, wherever we are involved – we are always representing the Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City!

So, in this season of renewal, joy and fresh beginnings, may Easter bring you new aspirations and hope. Together, we move onward and I wish everyone a blessed and meaningful Easter!